Like a lot of people, school wasn’t always easy for me. My family moved around a lot and I changed schools more than most people could imagine. I was quiet most of the time and kept to myself. The only thing I really cared about was art and clothes. These were the only two things that stayed consistent in my life and I was obsessed with making them both. Years have passed and though its refined, my style has always pretty much remained the same as it was in high school.

- Kevin Laroy

Kevin Laroy with models Tiger, Jadah, Jason and Chamar during the August Eighth SS21 Photoshoot in LA

August Eighth is an interpretation of an era that I will forever live, create and dwell in. Even the name itself is the birthday of the school teacher I call my mother.

This is for the kid in all of us that was excited as hell to lay that ‘First Day of School’ outfit out before bed, a feeling we should experience everyday and now with August Eighth, we can.

Kevin and Chamar behind-the-scenes at the video shoot of AE Spring/Summer Collection